#3.31 – My Dream
April 18, 2019
#3.33 – The Rusalki
May 2, 2019

#3.32 – They’re Here

#3.32 - They're Here


  1. gate io says:

    Hi Mara, thanks for your comment – I agree with you that the direction of travel is the one you describe, but this is not necessarily so. the key question remains what policies the British state (or whats left of it) and the EU, will implement. There is another piece on the CURA blog, by Jonathan Davies calling for a 21st Century Marshall Plan – take a look. I also welcome the recent announcement by the Labour party that they will create a £500bn fund for regional investment – it seems that this, in my view, may deliver more than the EU structural investment funds that are in danger of being discontinued. On EU elites and the painful divorce, I think its the rational choice for them to ensure it is so, with anti-EU movements in the Netherlands, Italy, France being inspired by Brexit. My hope is that Brexit will serve as a shock to the establishment, and begin a change in direction towards a more social EuropeIt was just typical that the media started presenting the issue from the point of view of Kober et al.Good read thanks Ryan.Impressive article . Legs are not working but still hands are working- Daripalli becomes sculptor. Tree man – roaming inarea like miss world with his own identity- good sentence- make me smile.This is an excellent article. I like this topic. This site has many advantages. I have found a lot of interesting things on this site. It helps me in so many ways. Thanks for posting this againI believe that some of the treatment being handed out to people by the police here in England meets the UN definitions of torture.What I have both seen and read about has been absolutely appalling.If anyone else has such concerns then report them to Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. His contract details :-sr-torture@ohchr.orgFinally, thanks for actually having a section where readers can leave a comment. I note many reporters here do not provide this facility.

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