#6 – Don’t Play The Fool
January 5, 2017
#8 – Self-Righteous Crap
January 19, 2017

#7 – Dobrinia

#7 - Dobrinia
Let's get to know Dobrinia a little <3


  1. Anita H. says:

    Wow! I got here by accident and completely fell in love with the comics! I wonder if there is a way to subscribe by email? I’m very much looking forward to know the rest of the story!

    • flyingshipcomic says:

      Hi! Thankyou so much! I don’t have e-mail alerts set up right now, but updates happen every Thursday. If I figure out how to do e-mail alerts I’ll announce it in the comments! 🙂 This comic is also on Tapastic if you use that platform.

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